South Australian Junior Chess League Inc

Two Chess Tournaments in Term 4

1. Girls Only Tournament – Friday 9th November 2018

Friday Week 4 – 9:30am – 12:30pm

Proudly supported by The Evelyn Koshnitsky Memorial Trust  

2. Open Tournament  Girls & Boys— Friday 16th November 

Friday Week 5 – 9:30am – 12:30pm

Cost: Just $10 per student 

Venue: The Chess Centre, 10 Ranelagh St. Adelaide 5000

Primary and Secondary – prizes for different year levels.

To register your students, please contact Alan Goldsmith on 0401 672 481 or email with your list of students by Wednesday of the event’s week


This continues the tradition of staging Junior Tournaments in South Australia by the SA Junior Chess League. an organisation she devoted more than 50 years of her life to.


Mentions of Evelyn and Gary Koshnitsky from the Sunday Mail columns – from 1986 ->

May 1, 2017

Many of us were very fortunate to have known Evelyn and Gary for much of our lives and many of the following posts should trigger memories of all that they did to help chess here. These are extracts from the chess columns published in the Sunday mail over the decades and they should give a sense of what was happening back then and the part played by the Koshs back then – it was simply huge.

Sunday Mail – 17 Dec 1985 Garry Kosh

January 27, 2018

Chess is a game of strategy and tactics; long-term plans spiced with juicy combinations. This same policy has been applied by the SA Chess Association to consolidate and develop chess in this State. The main strategy in 1985 has been to promote junior chess and the assistance given by the SA Department of Recreation and Sport has been invaluable.

Another plan has been to ensure that the chess calendar for our Jubilee Year is packed with a rich and diverse range of chess activities, appealing to both beginners and experts. 1986 is going to be a great year.

A key element to any good strategy is knowledge of past events – history – and the long awaited fourth Volume of Australian Chess Lore has just been published. One of its many absorbing articles is that on part of the career of our own Garry Koshnitsky and here is a sample game.

White W Poole Black G Koshnitsky 1927! 1.Pc4, Nf6; 2.Pd4, Pe5; 3.Pd5? Pb5; 4.Pb3, Pxc4; 5.Pxc4, Pc6; 6.Pg3, Bb4ch; 7.Bd2, Qa5; 8.Qb3, Na6; 9.Pxc6, Rb8; 10.Pxd7ch, Bxd7; 11.Qc2, Ba4; 12.Qc1, Rd8; 13.Bxb4, Nxb4 and white resigned.